Foods to eat during fever

Hello friends. I am Jenny. I am a nutritionist by profession. I have created this blog to make people get to know that what foods should be eaten during fever so that they may not cause more health problems. I suggest that during fever the patient must be provided with juices of citrus fruits like orange, lemon etc. The juice must be half mixed with water as well. Chicken, bananas, apples and fish also generate enzymes in the blood of the humans which fight against the pathogens in the body which are causing the fever. So, these foods must be in the diet plan of that person suffering from fever. The unpasteurized milk or the products of milk should be avoided during fever. The raw fruits which can be peeled off such as mangoes, bananas, pomegranate etc. should be given to the patient. The red meat should also be avoided as it contains high level of cholesterol which cannot be easily digested. The most important thing which should be done by the patient in fever is to drink plenty of boiled water which can overcome the problem of dehydration if occurs. Vegetable soups can also be taken in place of normal cooked vegetables.